Out Of Site Out Of Mind (2018) by Cait Sparks

I am an environmental artist with an ecological voice. Experimentation with site specific installations and researching bio-degradable materials are displayed in my work. Being a tactile artist I create texture using nature and plaster, plaster being the material I have been using the most in my studio practice. Site plays a large part in my art I enjoy being outdoors and using natural or found materials in my work.

In this piece I explore such issues through my art as waste and recycling these environmental concerns are current and growing and are more heavily presented in the press. Artists have a responsibly to use their voice to tap into the viewers intellectual consciousness as they have the ability to emit change.

Cait Sparks is an artist based in Manchester. You can see more of her work at https://www.axisweb.org/p/caitsparks and follow her on Facebook.