Never stop writing by Laura Lanks

Shapes take meaning When you decide on the order Somehow you jumble them up In a way that I understand You’re speaking my language Don’t drop the act The cat had my tongue Before you came along

To some relaxed iris it’s just black or blue on white Scribbles and sounds Hung midair for time For me they’re notes chiming On crisp autumn branches That light that falls between the leaves The crunch when they hit the ground As magic as tiny crisp packets fresh out the oven Or making people come alive with salt dough

I think I appreciate leaves more When they have left the tree Is that why they are called leaves? Because they leave? it’s then I realise the time span That nothing is eternal Or forever Unless you freeze it But then we would turn to mush And we wouldn’t be around to see it anyway

So that moment of bated breath That second the cold steals it When your limbs feel like jelly Dipping your toe in a hot bath The wind chilling your teeth when you smile while riding your bike on a cold day

Those moments

For me you capture them Some how With the dainty lines that fall through your shoulder Into your arm Through your fingertips and into your pen

Never stop writing You write oh so well

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