Citalopram stories No.2 – dream of consciousness (an experiment)

a family wedding oddly populated by my lot comes to an abrupt end when an old enemy shits on the floor the morning after when the liverpool lot leave and i don’t know if i should follow but suburban streets connected to city streets loop forever filled with insane characters who just happen around us on the way to the club that is filled with friends from both past and present some hating others and other looking longingly old flames getting off in dodgy cars and after i’m followed into the toilet I run away in nothing but boots after helping somebody buy booze. the closest of my new friends are beautiful while I use my ill health to save me from naked women with a political agenda who are chasing me with baseball bats and trying to indoctrinate me into their violent game catching me in their pink cadillac convertible while others piss in bottles i’m saved by the good guys and family and friends who shield me from the world clothe me before trying to get me home through a constant fog of worry the journey full of maybes and what ifs anxiety infecting my dreams constantly.

I woke up to the sound of owl’s wings.

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