Am I Mark E. Smith? by Jake Ormrod

We spoke about him in bed, how my head was similar sinister unable to see life beyond extremes.

Now you’re gone, and the fear of streams carrying me far away are hard to erase just days to consider why you left why my head is bereft of the necessary terms to keep you here.

Your departure is one in a long line meaning it’s time to ask Am I Mark E. Smith?

Not if I have his wit or his writing agility or if i’m slowly building up to his drinking ability but if i’m a git who is destined to this who will poke, prod and push the people he loves till they’re gone.

My answer is no. I Am Not Mark E. Smith.

I am a man in control one who wants out of this who is slowly climbing his way out of this combative abyss.

I hope you will join me be my teammate through this shift, and will see that, most definitely, I Am Not Mark E. Smith.

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Mark E. Smith | The Fall was taken by Stefan Müller and is available for use under Creative Commons.