A Look At Mat Greaves' "Chip McFitz: A Dame In Starlights"

Reflecting the sort of comedic flip on a dramatic stalwart, usually created by the likes of the Coen Brothers, Chip McFitz: A Dame In Starlights attempts to parody rather than pay homage to the now famous noir tropes. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of love in these pages for some clear influences, but the priority here is laughter, which shows.

The comic, filled with oddly shaped and coloured characters, is the product of a mind brought up on meta-references and farce. At its heart, it’s a comedy, but it doesn’t use that as an excuse to ignore the obvious fun that can be had with otherwise well-trod genres. It also wags a knowing finger at conventions found in fiction as well, not content to focus entirely on the noir angle.

In the interest of honesty, now is the part where I tell you I know Mat Greaves. He’s a close and old friend of mine, but that doesn’t skew how I feel about the comic. It ends too abruptly for me and there’s a joke that doesn’t land as well as I imagine it should’ve done, but it’s an all-round great comic. It’s a perfect debut look into the work of an artist that is taking their first step into full length comics. Take a look, and if you like what you see, make sure you keep an eye out for his next release.

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